Today’s Vibes

I dropped out of college summer after my jr year to pursue music. Everyone thought I was nuts. I worked non stop for 7 years until I was broke and homeless. I had to make a tough choice to get a “real job” to support my dreams. Everyone thought I was nuts. I took a job for $9 an hour and worked my way to COO in 5 years. Which allow me to invest in music and Exponent. A week ago today @griffyonline , an artist I truly believe in dropped his debut album through our newly formed label Exponent Music and garnered critical acclaim and achievements everyone said I was nuts for believing were possible. Yesterday I signed the biggest deal (that everyone thought I was nuts for going after) in my “real jobs” company history and will be able to provide new jobs for 1000 people.
Why I am telling u all this?
Because what if I had listened to everyone else???? Where would I be??? Maybe you have second guessed yourself?? Maybe u wonder if you should ignore your “gut” and follow instead of lead?? You’re path is YOURS!! It will be tough. They will doubt you. They will try to hold you back. They will try to belittle you and tell you it’s not possible.
I just want you to know it is possible and it starts with you believing in yourself and trusting the process. No excuses. Just get to work. Surround yourself with good people. Love them. Uplift them and allow them to do the same for you.

For those that have supported me over the years THANK YOU! Especially my team. None of this would be possible with out you.
Today I’m proud and so grateful so I just wanted to take a moment to #SpreadThePositiveVibes
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