The beginning


Never let anything that happens in life cause you to lose sight of how truly special you are. You are a 1 of 1. There has never been anyone like you and there will never be. Own it. Flaws and all. Take a moment to say 3 things you love about yourself out loud. Feel it. Once you do pass it on. The world needs more #PositiveVibes. So don’t forget to #SpreadThePositiveVibes and share your story.

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  1. 2035 says: Reply

    Growing from teen to young adult, I didn’t feel so special. The things that happened to me and around me just put me in a place of loneliness and darkness. As I grew older, and went out into the world to experience more that what was shown to me. I met people, that didn’t allow the darkness of the world dictate what kind of person they should be. I notice how they embraced life. And the positivity definitely rubbed off. So, if I didn’t learn anything else, I did learn to truly love, and be positive in everything you do.

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