#SpreadThePositiveVibes started from a simple idea. Could negativity be replaced with positive energy in a way that would engage people to spread positive vibes?

Ccelli was always unique in the way he looked at the world. He saw goodness above all in everyone and everything. In an effort to capture the positive energy he felt, he started simply taking photos of the things that brought him joy. The prettiest pictures were of sunsets he captured on his way home each night. These magnificent photos filled his social media feeds. Each one was accompanied by a heartfelt message of inspiration.

It did not take long for people to notice he was changing the conversation on social media. People from started sending him photos of sunsets along with stories of positive deeds and pictures of  all types of beautiful things they encountered. Each picture and story documented with love and marked with a simple hash tag – #SpreadThePostiveVibes.

This action of sharing inspiration and spreading positive vibes was being felt by people all over the globe.

Today the mission is simple. #SpreadThePositiveVibes in any way you know how. From a simple photo of a sunset to stories of aiding others, the positive vibes will spread and ultimately come back to you.

Know that you are part of this energy. You are beautiful. You are loved.

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